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Dec 4, 2012 4:00am PST
project requires legislative action by the board of supervisors whether it's a zoning change or special use district. and where you also have, of course, c-e-q-a determination. right now when we have zoning that comes to the board for a project, there can be a separate c-e-q-a appeal fired. but that appeal can be filed late, it will disrupt the board's process. i'll give you an example of that. when the booker t. washington affordable youth housing project came to the board, we had to approve a special use district for that project. at the last minute, i think the day before or the day of our land use hearing, a c-e-q-a appeal was filed. we were required to take the entire matter off calendar and it delayed our consideration by two months. this legislation would provide that if the board is required to legislate for a project to happen, the board of supervisors becomes the c-e-q-a decision maker and the c-e-q-a item automatically comes to the board and is agendized along with the underlying zoning change or whatever the legislative change is and the board considers them, the two items t
Dec 4, 2012 6:30am PST
correct. it would be done similar to how the board has chosen to do things in the last year or so where they have actually called the two items, although they're listed separately project approval c-e-q-a appeal. * they call the projects together, combine public comment, combine staff presentations so it is covering the c-u appeal, he the c-e-q-a appeal, everything all at once. it would be similar. it would be one combined hearing, one opportunity for everybody. >> yeah, well, that makes sense to me rather than bifurcating it. oftentimes our hearings end up being that way, too. we may have separate comments, but almost always we have our environmental piece and the c-u or whatever the 309 is on the same day because we would rather get it done because oftentimes there have been cases where if it goes to the next day appeal is then filed and it means we're delayed months and months to move forward with the approval process. so, i think that generally there have been a lot of things that were voiced tonight, but i don't think a lot of them really deal with what's before us. there was this
Dec 7, 2012 4:00pm PST
the december 5th, 2012 meeting of san francisco board of appeals. the presiding officer this evening is board president chris hwang who is engined by vice president frank fung, commissioner [a-ers/]ia hurtado and commissioner ann lazarus and welcome to our newest member commissioner honda. deputy [khr-frpb/] or city attorney will provide the board with any needed legal advice and the legal process clerk and i'm cynthia goldstein and we're joined by departments scott sanchez here, the zoning administrator and also representing the planning department and planning commission. joseph dusty representing the department of building inspection, and department of would now like to, urban foresty. the board requests that you turn off longer devices so they will not disturb the proceedings. please carry on conversations in the hallway. appellants, permit-holders and department responds have seven presents to preponderant their case. people must include their comments with the 7 or 3-minute periods. members of public not affiliated with the partis have up to three minutes to address the
Dec 2, 2012 5:30am PST
[speaker not understood], choose to appeal to the board. exemptions are only to the board. >> okay. thank you for the -- answering the question. i think that there are a lot of great procedural changes and codificationses that the legislation does that's really -- that need to be done. i think that that's very true. i think the challenge is that there are some details related to what that mean when you start talking about discretionary actions and how one discretionary action, do people game the system and get a discretionary action, a place where they're left notice, no one is paying attention so they can get -- have an easier time in other places. i think that is problematic. i also think the appeals window the 10 days, 20 days, 30 days, 30 days with no notice, 20 days with some notice, is also somewhat problematic. those seem to be the two biggest issues that everybody is touching on. there is another thing about the fair argument which i don't see -- i can't find that language in the legislation because i'm not going to address it. it sounds like there's legal ramifications for
Dec 14, 2012 4:00pm PST
12 2012 meeting of the san francisco board of0xjh appeals. president chris hwang, franknnjy fung, commissioner. to my left is deputy city attorney robert brian who will provide thec i'm cynthia goldstein the board's executive director. we are joined by city departments5c%( qez that have cases before the board. scott sanchez, zoning administrator, and planning department and planning commission, stey, representing the department of building inspection john quawng. the board requests you turn off9k%z!ñ or silence all phones and other thereinh[9k7t devices. please carry on conversations in the hallway. the board's rules of presentation are as follows.rhce appellants permit holders have seven minutes each to present their case and three minutes for rebuttal. people affiliated with these parties must conclude within these three or seven minutes. members of the public have up to three minutes each to address the8 9m board and no rebuttal. please speak into the end of the microphone. to assist the board preparation of minutes you are asked to submit a speaker card to board staff. speak
Dec 4, 2012 9:30am PST
require a motion to amend the resolution to reject and then to forward that resolution to the board. >> correct. >> so there's a motion -- there is an amendment to the table to reject. are there any objections? so -- and then on the motion itself as amended to reject, are there any objections? >> that would be to forward the amended resolution to the board with a recommendation to adopt it. >> yes. so without objection. thank you. thank you, mr. gibner. miss miller, could you please call item no. 2? >> item no. 2 is a resolution approving the transfer of air space parcel agreements at 15 one-third street. >> thank you, and this item is sponsored by supervisor jane kim. supervisor kim. >> thank you for hearing us today. this is the last piece of the puzzle of a larger process, dialogue and approvals process that has occurred between the city and san francisco museum of modern art to expand the current museum and to rebuild fire station 1. it is resolution approving and authorizing the director of real estate to execute an agreement of transfer of air space parcel at 151 third street to now the s
Dec 8, 2012 6:30am PST
and public landscape, enhances tourism and therefore will improve general fund revenues. the board of supervisors previously approved what we termed a conditional land disposition and acquisition agreement, which is just fancy terminology for an exchange agreement to address conveying the needed rights to 676 howard and to hunt street. in exchange for the delivery of a new replacement fire station no. 1, which is now nearly completed at 935 folsom street, left to be addressed until now was an air space parcel. now owned by the successor agency to redevelopment, it lies between elevations 109.5 feet and 165.5 feet above sea level on a sloping plain as somewhat clearly shown on what i am about to show you. and my apologies, air space is very difficult to depict but we're going to do our best here. so we look at the overhead. the actual area of conveyance of here, this is looking at it from ground level looking at the facade. so that's the slight of air that is proposed to be conveyed. a different look with the building massing shown in black. the cross hatched area reflects the area to
Dec 6, 2012 12:30pm PST
more often than the board of supervisors in terms they have weekly meetings and the last meeting is the 11 and we have a meeting of the week of the 20. >> no, we don't. >> oh we don't? okay. even as it pertains to the september meeting i don't think the board comes become from the recess the following week and they start their recess before we do so in terms of legislation coming from the board of supervisors or policy issues there is less of a concern when you look at the august-september time frame. i think it's nicer when you have blocks of time together so the september 5 makes a lot of sense. i am also supportive of that date and in terms of january i know last year we discussed having it open that we could meet on the fifth thursday if we felt there was a lot of business going on, and i think that is something we could leave open. i personally have a full time job as it is that the weekly meetings a bit much and ideally to have a thursday free every once in a while is not such a bad thing for those that don't work for ourselves and work for a company that kind of wants us to s
Dec 4, 2012 3:30pm PST
that way right now? >> to the latter, that's what i read and i read it as a direction from the board to make 4 happen. >> good. >> in terms of modifying the whereas to speak to the spirit of having everything lined up such that we know that, say, option 4 is certain as opposed to every last approval in place, i'm fine with that. >> well, i think -- and i'm glad you said that and i'm sorry to beat a dead horse, but this is important. i think there's a difference between certainty and a close -- you know, a comfort level where we're willing to go down this. and we recognize there's some risk that something may unravel and we may have to deal with it. and i think the concern i'm hearing and sensitive to is if you require certainty by february 1st, that's not going to happen. but it is quite feasible to get the february 1st for you and we can't tell you what to do, have enough comfort that it's worth pursuing this option further. that's the difference i see. >> i'm sure there's language we can find that would achieve that goal. >> [speaker not understood], the notion i suggested, to come ba
Dec 23, 2012 3:00pm PST
know carmen and i have watch as he has a sticky pad on the board to could you please tell down his days on the board here and so he has come over the last months and so he commented after the number of days after three years missing only three board meeting and this has been your life and i know you are going to go onto beinger and better thing but i did some back calculations here and that is, you know over 70 -- what is it 73 days of your life have been spent in board meetings here in this champ better yourself and just alone in public comment if you take averaging generally speaking it's over 500 hours in public comment and that is 20 days of your life have been in public comment and so i can't wait to see you in public comment at the next board immediate peating and i know you are not going to be there and so i was looking through and found some old pictures and so i put an old deck here but jest i don't know if you can put pull it up on the screen here but -- i don't know if ughs you guys can pull it up ... i don't know if it needs to be sensorred we will see. it's probably to
Nov 30, 2012 7:30pm PST
repeated several times to the members of this board. we also are required under the law to also provide notification if a merchant is working after hours, specifically. and in certain cases check with the san francisco police department to ensure that these facilities are appropriate. in this case, we believe that we are follow our procedures correctly and processed the permit accordingly. and also this specific decision was also a measured response in many ways to the previous decision through what was coffee and then to director given by this board itself. i really have nothing else to add. i am prepared to answer any questions that you may have. >> thank you. >> i am not sure that i would have equated you know, all of this coffee with quite with what we are talking about. i would say a more appropriate example is the discussion that we had on the hamburger truck nearby on what was it beal? or somewhere nearby. any way, that was more recent than the guiradelli square. the question that i have for you is when you look at the previous... some of the previous cases and locations,
Nov 30, 2012 4:00pm PST
board's executive director. we are joined this evening by representatives from the city departments that have cases before the board tonight. scott sanchez is here and he is is zoning administrator representing the planning commission. joseph duffy is here, representing the department of building inspection and also joined from the environmental section of the department of public health. if you could go over the guidelines and conduct the swearing in process. >> the board requests that all turn off all cell phones and proceedings. please carry on conversations in the hallway. the board holds the presentation are as follows. appellants and permit holders and department representatives have 7 minutes to present their cases and three minutes for rebuttals people affiliated with these parties must include the comments in the three or seven minute periods. the members who are not affiliated have up to three minutes each to address the board but no rebuttals. to assist the board in the accurate preparation of the minutes, the members of the public who wish to speak on an item are asked b
Dec 1, 2012 1:00am PST
appealable to the legislative body of the county, in this case the board of supervisors. so, we've been ten years now with any procedures which [speaker not understood] cad ex appeals can go to a board. [speaker not understood] we're the only county in the state where every permit is discretionary and therefore every permit is subject to c-e-q-a. so, we have thousands of discretionary decisions every year that implicate c-e-q-a. what this ordinance simply does, it doesn't cut out any appeal rights. it simply lays out a clear procedure for when appeals are to occur and how they are to occur. and secondly, it increases substantially the notice requirements. in order for these shortened appeal periods to apply, there must be enhanced noticing. so, there is no opportunity or zvi agencies such as rec, park or any agencies to take advantage of the shortened appeal periods unless they improve noticing. [speaker not understood]. the city has no ability to modify c-e-q-a. c-e-q-a is a state law. we can only do things that are consistent with c-e-q-a to fill in the gaps forsee qua as [speaker not und
Dec 11, 2012 9:00pm PST
residents of district five and i love the city and happy to have had the opportunity to serve on this board. a. (applause). . >> thank you supervisor olague. our final accommodation of the day will be to our second colleague local be leaving us today although he know he is not going far sean i have to say when i read the resolution that was draft of the to you today i was honestly blown away by how much you have done over the whereas and supervisor elsburnd has served for the past 12 years to supervisor tone aye hall and as well as belong to this board of supervisor and is for two terms as a member of this board and he has attended 502 of 505 board meetings held since 2,000 one missing three meeting for his honey moon and the birth of his son and among the many bits of legislation he has passed i has worked on the planning commission and adopting capital planning for our city for years to come and spear headed reform in our community and we know his leadership when it comes to our mention plan and the mere i can't do important and lesser known thing that he has done in district seven from g
Dec 3, 2012 1:30pm PST
, as i stated again, the 2000 board resolution that accepted the excess portion of the public right of way which they are now encroaching. i don't know exactly what happened during the building permit process but both planning and building department approved the design. we are required to review the infrastructure, which involved the kin strux of a sidewalk along nianic to the official sidewalk width, which they have. there are no sidewalks along panama. there has been comments from the public related to the lack of travel on niantic street as relates to access to the bart station. i know the department of public works is currently working with the california department of public transportation, with caltrans, to see whether a sidewalk can be constructed adjacent to the freeway side of niantic. it is under continued discussion with caltrans at this point. honestly from the department's perspective, we were given this information kind of after the fact, after the building permit was approved, after construction had begun and well underway before we found out this issue. really there
Nov 30, 2012 11:30pm PST
public as it relies on many things. we have to look at board of the clerk procedures. there is a city attorney opinion letter. and every individual determination for an appeal if appropriate, is it timely, has to be reviewed by the city attorney for review by determination. important to the hpc in particular, the proposed procedures would change nothing about how historic resources are evaluated under see qualitiv so, there is some confusion as you heard about that. there would be -- the only change relative to historic resources would be a small change to the special noticing that happens to those who are on our preservation mailing list. and this notice for historic resources was amended in the recent version just last week so it would address the concern and provide notice for any city adopted service. so, that's kind of the big overview. now our senior environmental planner sarah jones is going to go through the memo that we handed out today. and there copies on the table for the public. if anyone needs an extra one, they can see us. >> could i ask a quick question to staff? there
Dec 22, 2012 4:00am PST
strong, more defined and you have been a very vivacious woman on the board of supervisor and is i want to thank you for that for being another example not just for young girls but also young boys of what leadership looks ke and i just wanted to comment and echo on what superior kim mentioned that this is a new beginning for all of us working together and i'm sure you will continue with your service to san francisco and i just want to say thank you. and we all deal with our own insecurities and i think you have handled yours very grace fully. thank you. >> sprfer chew. >> thank you very much. sprr olague i want to thank you for serving with us and i can remember going through that process myself and i do not want to reiterate any of the points that my colleagues have talked about already and -- [inaudible] . >> thank you to supervisor avalos and i'm for the going anywhere i loss an election, i didn't die. so i'm still going to be out there and this weekend, i went to a bet thing and so who knows what my next ventures will be and i still have my oslo and scandinavian -- a farmling c
Dec 12, 2012 11:30pm PST
to see you in public comment at the next board immediate peating and i know you are not going to be there and so i was looking through and found some old pictures and so i put an old deck here but jest i don't know if you can put pull it up on the screen here but -- i don't know if ughs you guys can pull it up ... i don't know if it needs to be sensorred we will see. it's probably too late at this point. all right so a few things learned from my perspective sean was somebody who supported him earlier on and sean was certainly a big mentor to me burg the process but thereby a number of thing that i have learned and first of all, embracing the moment and found some old pictures of sean back if 2004 when he was first a point and i recall not being political conscious in san francisco and working in silicon valley and see things guy on trunch and is so really friendship matters here at the board of supervisor and is so there are some real pictures we have dug up of you with some people throughout not only of city hall but outside, colleagues department heads and so forth, and you have a
Dec 12, 2012 3:00pm PST
of members on the board who are interested in exploring that idea. in terms of the logistics of it, would we be able to do that immediately in time for this budget? can you help us walk through that? what would be sort of your recommendation? would it be to go through an rfp process first and then to evaluate another time? can you just tell us logistically how it would work to do this? >> yes, madam chair. it's my advice that the committee directs me to competitively bid these services. i am happy to at the end of awarding that contract, be able to take some further time and investigate the actual details around the independence issue, the chain of command and who the budget analyst would report to, how our office would interact, how they would interact with the members of the board, where exactly they would be housed here at the board of supervisors. you could also direct me to investigate other jurisdictional cities. los angeles, san diego, new york to look at how they are provided budget analyst services. so, i think it's from the comfort of actually having a contract that you c
Dec 3, 2012 2:30pm PST
go to at the rent board they are still scared and told, you know, whether you win or lose we're going to come after you, you are going to have to move either way, it's going to come out of your pocket somehow. we can write letters on behalf of our tenants but either way harassment continues or escalates causing harm to families, locking them out, leaving them in the rain whether they have children or not, not allowing them to use elevators when they are in wheelchairs and so this goes all the way from chinatown mission tender loin soma, no matter the background again. so we're in favor and we hope that you can help. thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors, i'm sarah short, housing rights committee. first off i'd like to say we very much support this legislation. and i'm concerned that bart murphy and brook turner are seriously missing the point here. of course there are no complaints at the rent board. of course we don't have a record showing that this is a big problem at that agency because it is not a category that one can file on currently. that's what this la
Dec 23, 2012 3:00am PST
thank you. >> mr. stuart? >>> madame chairman, members of the board before i begin my remarks about the project under discussion i want to formally object to commissioner honda participating in the deliberation and voting on the project since his a part of the injury team he has a fiduciary interest in the case and with the plan to demolish the building and convert it into luxury condominium which presumably zephyr will sell and this will be a substantial sales commission and this imposes a conflict of interest for commissioner honda and i would like to know the matter that i have to appeal the decision and thank you again first responder the at some point to share with you my continued concerns with regard to the structure sponsor to erect at 530 central and i want to allow during the board's previous report of this issue to reconcile the difference so as to develop a solution and -- available that does not over throw the decisions in the agencies and the courts and with to engage the project sponsors and the last appearance and before this body to respond to our express willingnes
Dec 11, 2012 4:00pm PST
around community oriented planning and one thinking that we know here at the board is land use and budgettings and many of us know how important that expertise is we think about social rights and social services and all of those thing are important and land use is at the heard heart of how we planning communities and how we determine how our resources are allocated and our budget is along those same lips oven you have been a model for many folks until the community and combining your land use knowledge and person experience as a latina bisexual woman here in san francisco and when i was a member at the school word board, i often looked at two thing two quality that people had and one of them was, of course, on their intelligence and their mind and the second was their heard and compassion and sometimes you meet people who don't have either and then you wonder why they are in city service and government and then you meet those with a lot of heart but all of the other things are -- not there and so i really view you as someone who has both and i supported you and advocated for you to
Dec 8, 2012 7:30am PST
, the rent board refuses to hear us because this does not exist. >> ma'am, your time is up. is there anyone else that would like to speak? seeing none, public comment is closed. if there are no objections let's hear this last person. thank you. >> my name is maria and i am here to give my own opinion because the words that i say is from the city because the city has allowed these people to build for business and let them take the tenants' houses. rich people, corporation, can do business by own houses and you supervisor have been elected to represent us. please support this legislation to be sure we keep our houses because we really in danger to lose all houses. thank you very much. >> seeing no other public comment, public comment is closed. supervisor olage >> yeah, i just wanted to thank everyone for coming out. i wanted to mention that, as i commented earlier, the language before you is significantly different from the original language i introduced over the summer, which provided for damages and additions to the list of harassment. it was significantly watered-down in part becau
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 5,163 (some duplicates have been removed)